ESL One Cologne 2016ESL One Cologne 2016

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Dauren Kystaubayev


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team cs go AstralisAstralis
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team cs go GambitGambit
Spieler cs gehen AdreN
Spieler cs gehen Dosia
Spieler cs gehen mou
Spieler cs gehen hooch
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Hello dear friends . In this confrontation we meet the two teams . On the one hand with the other Fnatic Gambit , it is clear that a clear favorite in this game is Fnatic but let's pay attention to the last matches of both teams , Fnatic was defeated by TSM and gambit is still worse , but I just gave and said about this ,namely because betting is important to us coeffecient win so I give Fnatic 63% but I don't agree with many of the gambit has a chance of winning but still small . Let's go by the teams fnatic clear favorites in all aspects of this game , but if they relax, then gambit will take the card . The game I am sure it will suit both teams responsibly and will play at full strength . But let's not forget that it's BO1 and it's random

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These guys yesterday, we are still a great kc how Astralis and Gambit but there is much much too high COF on Astralis since Gambit too strong and experienced team, and I would not have kept ahead of time because Hooch and his team prepared for this tournament seriously they should at have come up with for the skill group I would give Astralis voice but Avery as well as mou and devv, mou yesterday perfectly played with AWP I think there 60 to 40 in favor of Astralis, as I said Astralis poskiloviya and they might SKYLĖ even kill me frightened by the fact that the CIS team are not stable and can show the nonsense and the MAP will be more in the pool but there Astralis BO1 here every round and every mistake decides everything.

Outcome: #Astralis win well on this KOF baa Stolk pour so you can not put a lot on Gambit and the fact that they will take 8.5 Raud.

Александр Бамбасов


Россия, Санкт-Петербург


That was the first day of Esl and mean more interesting matches and rounds today is going to be. I'll start with Gambit which team beat CLG on dust 2 16-13, what can I say, the guys have interesting rounds and billet, but that's not the problem, the Americans took 13 rounds, so errors are present, the more this team is the outsider of the group as a whole and whether the team is stronger, our failure would be the first day. The same applies to the Astralis guys showed a good game in CT on their strong map. Let me remind you, they played against team dignitas on overpass'e where the match ended 16-12, want to notice the player gl1ve, never played for the team he played significantly better than the devil plays for envy on a regular basis. Overall, the CIS team for me even weaker than their opponents from Denmark, their only hope - cobblestone and nuke, but you know, they will not. Sticker and bet on Astralis


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